Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm moving on it's broken!

Since blogger can't figure it out! You can now read me @ https://mslynnbeauty.wordpress.com

kisses xxx

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Forward

The month of April is known for being the best month for starting fresh. Spring is officially here and the temperature has risen to the occasion as well.
There are many things that are best done at this time. I love spring weather Not too warm to have ashy skin and not too hot to turn your skin oily. Just perfection!
Here are the things that I will be planning on doing this season.
You too should put a pen to paper and a few of these items to your to do list.

1.Get a pedicure.
That includes corn removers (yes I said it). Because no one wants to look at those. Buttons look better on clothes than on your toes.Ok!

2.Scrub, Scrub, Scrub
That's right.Get rid of the dry skin cells accumulated under your layers of clothing.

3.Moisturize and Firm.
Best time to use products that moisturize and firm. You want to be as confidant as possible when you walk around in your short shorts or on a date in your sun dress.

4.Go to the gym.
And sweat it out.I don't like the gym but guess who wants a perky booty this summer. Me!!! Now Go!

5.Find the most delicious scent possible.
I'm always on the hunt for a new fragrance. I usually have Two or three different scents to choose from. With the weather warming up, it may be time to put your winter scent away. No Dior Poison in 70 degree heat. All commuters will be very thankful not to suffocate on the train. Thank you.

6. Be positive.
It's not a secret and you don't need The Secret to tell you that the more positive you are the more beautiful you will feel and bring more beauty in your life.

Besos xxx

Ms. Lynn

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Cleaning

As you know it's spring time! As excited as I want to be, I'm just not ready! I have spent the last several weeks trying to spring clean my life. Cleaning out my beauty and garment closets, moving, finding work that I truly love! Not all so successful... what can you do? Very happy that I completed my beauty challenge: Not buying new products and finishing the ones that I have already started. There are still tubes and jars to squeezed product out of but I am surely on my way to a streamlined and lighter beauty possesions. One day at a time. It is not easy to ignore all the new products, the promotions and the old brands simply repackaged. Contentment (I loathe that word) had to be found with what I currently own to better enjoy what will be purchased tomorrow. So deep! LOL! I guess it's a lesson I can apply to other aspects of my life. It's only normal that I love the beauty industry so much, it changes constantly. It is always new. Every bottle, tube or jar is a promise. A promise to make your hair shiny. A promise to smooth out your wrinkles. A promise to be beautiful!
I can't get enough of the promises. And sometimes they're fulfilled.
This season I want to start fresh. My winter was spent hibernating but now that spring has sprung, I will spend this time blooming into a better and happy me. So cheesy but it must be done. I guess this is a new challenge. Spring clean my material (taxes, debt, clothes), spiritual, physical and emotional life. Whoa! Six days down, sixty six days until this girl blooms into Venus by the summer solstice.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kate Moss is BB with a London Twist

(And Dieu crea la femme une seconde fois.)

When asked who their beauty icon is, most women will give the same and oh so boring answer: Marilyn Monroe. Eye roll!!! With at least a century of photography and film, this is propably the most recurring name. This is not a debate. Marilyn Monroe had serious sex appeal and... That was it! At least in my opinion.
Growing up, I was more fascinated by Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot.
Ah, Brigitte. Not another icy blond like a Catherine Deneuve or a Grace Kelly although I also happen love them but for different reasons. She had an earthy, warm sex appeal. She was beautiful and she knew it. She loved sex and we knew it. Beautiful without the fuss of primping. Always feminine but sexily disheveled like she got all done up, had sex and rolled right out of bed. Pouty baby pink lips with black liner on her bedroom eyes, finished off with voluminous hay colored hair. An air of nonchalant arrogance that is rare and very difficult to replicate and imitate. Part French Bohemian, part Coy Sex Kitten and part Rock & Roll Femme Fatale.
While reading this description, doesn't it remind you of someone?
Kate Moss is my new BB (Brigitte Bardot)but with a London twist. They even look alike. She's everything like her predecessor: sexy gamine, rock chick, posh Brit and always disheveled. She has gotten even better with age. Not fair! The industry can't get enough of her and I never tire of her either. She inspires art, fashion and music. She is a living muse. If I wrote a book she would be my heroine. If I were a designer, she would be my inspiration. And if I directed a movie, she would be my leading lady. Sounds like I'm a fan and I am!
Who is your Muse and why? I believe the answer to that question says a lot about a person. So think about it and please, try to think outside of the box. Although, all these women are conventionally different they all have something that is original and different. That is the point. Push yourself to find what makes you special and unorthodox and cultivate it. I guess this is an introduction of the women who influence my views on beauty and fashion.
So let's toast to Kate Moss for being all of what makes her Kate Moss.


Ms. Lynn

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Nights by YSL: Mood Indigo

I can't wait to wear this look on the warm spring/summer nights in New York City. Cocktails with the ladies or hot date? Both! You decide which order to have them.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Welcome To America

One of the things I love most about traveling is exploring all the different beauty brands. Paris was a non stop beauty excursion for me. If you can't go that far, Canada is the next best trip to take. Montreal is a mix of North American and European beauty philosophies. Many hard to find "niche" french brands are easily found there. Mass market brands also develop products there first! Like a pop star, it needs to be tested in different markets before being launched in the U.S. Apparently, we are a difficult bunch to please and picky! Don't act surprised?
The worst is when you fall in love with a product and it is not available in your homeland. Lately, a few of my international faves are now available.

1. L'oreal Elnett Hairspray
Glossy hold and shine! Never have you heard these two words to describe the very same product.

2. Aveeno Positively Nourishing Body Wash
Well, not so foreign but these products were just released last month. I bought the three different kinds from my last trip to Montreal which was six months ago.

3. Nivea Touch Of Body Washes
I used to go to independent chemists to find really good Nivea products. I don't understand why this brand is so under developed in the U.S. market. The best quality/price ratio you will find.

I am always on the look out for new imports. I will be bringing you new updates very soon!


Ms. Lynn

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Polish Your Wardrobe

There is officially twenty days until spring! Can you believe it? I sure can't. With all the snow benches laying outside it is very hard to believe winter is soon to be over. I am de cluttering everything: wardrobe, books, magazines and of course beauty products. I have the urge to just throw everything away and start fresh and new. Unfortunately for me I have to wait to be in my new place before doing an image revamp. A light weight and inexpensive alternative is to start with nail polish. Never mind that I already own possibly every shade of red. I just think that no look is complete without the perfect manicure and pedicure. Do not think for one second I am not looking at your tootsies. If you're gonna put them on show they better be ready for the spotlight.
So there I was walking around in (you guessed it) Duane Reade in Herald square making a never ending list of polish colors I am dying to purchase. I was being tempted by all, Rimmel London, Sally Hansen, O.P.I and Revlon. Ah, reminds me of my first days of being a product junkie. I gave myself a fresh mani daily and this is all I want to do now, eat cheese all day and apply nail polish. This spring I will aspire to keep my mani and pedi consistently tidy.
It won't be very hard with this list of the most mouth watering colors

The cleverest names are matched with the cleverest colors with:
Hong Kong Collection by O.P.I
- Panda monium Pink
-Red My Fortune Cookie
-Dim Sum Plum

My new favorite color:
Rimmel London Long Lasting Pro in Steel Grey. It is the best combination of grey and with a hint of lavender. Love, love, love! I can't stop staring at my own nails! The brush is wide and fanned to enable a precise application in minimal strokes. I was taken by the beautiful taupe after testing on one finger that I could not stop applying it to all ten. The cashier was gushing and could not believe it was coming from a $3.99 bottle of polish. Chanel makes the same color and it's of course sold out. You may have a hard time finding this color at your drug store.

The list is not over. Brace yourselves for Miss Sally Hansen:
Complete Salon Manicure (5 in one: base and top coat, strengthener, color and self renewing shine!)
- Cafe au lait (one of my favorite skin tone hue)
- Gilty pleasure
- Kook-a-mango (summer toes!)
- Lavender cloud (just like a marshmallow)
- Commander in chic (taupe very close to Rimmel's steel Grey)
- Peachy keen (colour of the moment, will look beautiful with all the khaki and coral color palettes of the spring/summer collections)
-Pat on the black (almost black burgundy that I have been wearing for more than two years)
- All fired up (orangey- red that wants to make me board a plane to the nearest caribbean island)
- Pedal to the metal ( a Beyonce approved silver-chrome)
- Right said red (red corvette of reds)

These are only the colors that stood out to me at first glance. A good start or addition to any Diva's polish wardrobe.

Bisou xxx

Ms Lynn